Prepare your home for sale with these 10 easy tips!

1.Clean Your House
This means carpets, grout, tile, windows, doors, around faucets, shower door tracks, mirrors, etc. Q-Tip Clean. A really clean house send the message to buyers (and inspectors and appraisers) that you took good care of your

2. De-Clutter
Remove all personal items such as photos, all religious items, personal collections of things – these are potential distractions or detractions for Buyers. Pack them up now. You are getting a jump start on moving day! Remove anything of value.

3. Managing Color
Add or remove color as noted in the report. You may need to add some décor and furniture, and/or paint certain areas of the house.

4. Prioritize Important Spaces
Start working in the main rooms of your house – then the garage and then the closets, except the master closet – treat that like a main room.

5. Depersonalize
Remove ANYTHING with your name, your child’s name, etc on it – trophies, plaques, diplomas, handmade items, even on a wall mural. We need to neutralize and not distract the buyer, but also protect your family.

6. Protect Personal Information
Keep anything that has your personal financial info, bank info, job info, etc. out of sight. It’s no one’s business who you are, what you do, etc. when they are buying a house. Remove any calendars or appointment books and spare keys to house or cars – do not leave these out – not only is it clutter, but it gives too much info to anyone in your house.

7. Keep Bathrooms Spotless
Bathrooms must be very clean – wipe the floor around the toilet, keep the toilet lid DOWN at all times. Get rid of the Big 3 (scrubber, trash can, plunger). Use the under- sink area to store those items. Do not leave a plunger in any bathroom – says “there is something wrong with the plumbing.” Check grout in tub and showers – if it is discolored re-grout it.

8. Make Your Bed Every Day
Keep the rooms picked up so that Buyers feel you care for the house that they may purchase. Keep cooking odors to a minimum – this includes fish, cooking spices, broccoli, and anything that creates an odor.

9. Touchup The Small Things
Touch up paint and baseboards to remove smudges, dirt, etc.

10. Hide Any Evidence of Pets
Keep any evidence of pets out of sight for showings and pictures. That means no food bowls, cat trees, etc. out while house is for sale.


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