Home Selling Strategy

How We Sell Homes


  1. Communication with our Seller and Buyers
  2. Lightening Speed Customer Service
  3. Team Approach
  4. Event Open Houses for Sellers and Buyers
  5. Professional Staging
  6. Photography-3D Photography, Professional Photography, Drone Photography and VIDEO
  7. Social Media/Internet Marketing-6 FB pages, 2 Lead Generating pages, YouTube, Linkedin, 3 Webpages, Live Video with access to over 5000 followers and growing
  8. Cross Marketing and Partnerships with Local Charities/Businessess
  9. Marketing Specialist that focuses on marketing each property
  10. Expert Negotiation
  11. Expert Mentorship from Experts in the Field of Real Estate
  12. Flexible Commissions

Step 1 – Professional Cleaning & Organizing

Could you picture yourself moving into a not so clean home and expect to pay the same price? Me neither.

Step 2 – Staging

The Facts

What is Home Staging? Home Staging is the process of preparing homes for sale regardless of location, price, or condition.

Imagine going to a broadway musical and paying $100 for a ticket. The crew of actors in their everyday clothes, there is no background, no lights, not even any sound other than the actors vocals. Would you be satisfied with paying $100 for your ticket? Like broadway, when we go view a show we expect there to be some glitz and glam, it needs to feel and look right to set the mood and create the story.

We’ll set the stage so that your home brings the story to life in the minds of today’s buyers. Our experienced stagers will ensure buyers will see the life and vibrancy of the home when they first walk through that door.

Go from this:

To this:

Sell for more

Top 10 benefits of ASP home staging

  1. Faster Sales Time, 2-3 times faster than the unstaged competition.
  2. Higher Sales Price 5-20% more than the un-staged competition.
  3. Great Listing Tool -Market Differentiator for Realtor and Seller.
  4. Internet Images look better -90% of Buyers check online FIRST before visiting a house in person.
  5. Staged houses have been neutralized to allow ALL Buyers to imagine living there.
  6. Staged homes are more appealing and are recognized as the best properties to show and tour.
  7. Buyers view Staged Homes as well cared-for properties.
  8. Building Inspectors view Staged homes as cared-for properties.
  9. Appraisers are more likely to appraise Staged homes at full value.
  10. Buyers and Sellers will see your and your agent as a people who want to present a quality product to the market.

A seller only has control over two factors:

  • The List Price
  • The Look of Your Home


According to Barbara Corcoran, for every $1 a home seller does not invest in condition work, a buyer will deduct at least $3.

Most buyers today are putting their full investment into the purchase price of the home and don’t have extra money for any major work. Staging is not an option in today’s MARKET!

Step 3 – Professional Photography

Smart phones have made it easy for all of us to become faux-tographers. Someone one said that technology has made it easier to shoot and accept bad photos….we agree!

In real estate, photography is a crucial piece to the selling puzzle. Just because bad quality images are the easier, cheaper solution, doesn’t make it the most effective choice for business. According to a National Real Estate survey over 90% of buyers are looking online first before calling a realtor! Have great images is ESSENTIAL in real estate to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

By investing in professional photography, you are gaining the opportunity to get more buyers to look at the listing in person, and essentially, selling the property quicker.

Professionals know what works and can offer a mix of traditional and creative shots to intrigue the buyer, and create an image that will play on their imagination.

Professional photographers will highlight key features, spaciousness (square footage) and unique characteristics of the rooms.

Little touches like firing up the fireplace, dressing up the dining room table, or adding fresh flowers, will give the photos an inviting ambiance.

We have in house photographers will do everything in our power to make sure your house gets the attention it deserves online!

Step 4 – Online Marketing

img_5270sBright, Vibrant, Sexy! Yes, we make your property look sexy! We have all the keys to being attractive. DG Realty Group is dedicated to being on top of the hot new trends in marketing online to buyers. We will do what it takes to give our clients maximum exposure on our website, social media channels and real estate networks.

We’ll create content that online users are demanding. 3D imaging will showcase all spaces within your home so buyers will get a virtual look at the property all from their mobile device or computer.

Stunning HD video content, will grab the attention of buyers, and highlight the unique and key spaces in your property.

Grabbing buyers attention on our social media platforms with stunning HD Video content,  to highlight your unique spaces.

Step 5 – Your Open House Event

When we host your Open House Event, we will 100% be focused on your home and the buyers who walk through that door. We are always coming up with cutting edge ideas to bring traffic to your event. Buyers will never forget your Open House!

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