I See Your True Colors

It is true that color stimulates emotion.

I once had a feature wall in my house painted a vibrant green. I love green. It energizes and revitalizes me. When it came to selling my house, I had to realize that not everyone gets the same feeling as I do. In a buyer’s market, selling for top dollar means leaving the buyer with a don’t-have-to-do list. Don’t make yourself suffer thinking that the “right” buyer will come along. Do the right things now so that your property appeals to many buyers 🙂

IMG_5294If a buyer has a ton of choices, what will make your place upstage all the rest? I understand the importance of how our homes make us feel. I understand that the way we live in our homes and the way we sell our home are two different things. Part of the staging process makes your home feel soul less. It’s kind of a “yucky” feeling. Here are a couple tips to help your home appeal to all buyers but still feel “homey” to you.

  1. Neutralize your walls (real estate beige or gray).
  2. Sparsely accent with decor using the color creates the best emotion for you. Remember, less is more in staging for sale.Sprinkle the same color throughout every room. Not only will this make you feel better but it will create an emotional story of attachment for the buyer (online and those who walk through your house).

If you do these steps right you will still get the same feeling as “home” while you are selling. You will also sell faster, removing yourself of the trials and tribulations of your house sitting on the market for months. Call a local stager to help you with this step. It is WORTH IT.

Stay tuned for next week’s tip: Don’t take it PERSONAL but feel free to EXPRESS YOURSELF!
Someh Niengor

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