Staging – The Art of Detachment

Have you ever walked into a place and got the “heebie, jeebies”? Have you met someone and immediately not liked them without them even saying a word? What in the world is that feeling? I am convinced that we can give a unwelcome feeling to potential buyers even after the cosmetics of staging has been completed.

personal-chinaIt really is hard to detach from things that hold such dear memories. In the selling process, we can get whacked with emotion when we pack up our children’s rooms, paint a wall with height measurements or put away wedding pictures. Professional staging really is support through the process of letting go. It is really important that you walk through and do every process with your stager and not allow her/him to do it all. Allowing everyone involved to “feel” and creating a safe place for them to do so is the utmost importance. Ultimately, we realize that the energy of emotions stay within a house even while a potential buyer is walking through. For some odd reason we all pick up on these “left behind” emotions….we just don’t usually talk about it.

Letting go is a process and that’s why I believe it’s important to include “letting go” observances for everyone. This may include smudging, blessings, dream for the future ceremony or intentionality proclamations. It seems odd, but I believe rituals are a reflection of our intentions. It calms the mind, emotions and ultimately the spirit and aids in the process of letting go. This also will effect how your house “feels” to buyers. Blessings as you “Upstage all the Rest”.

Someh Niengor

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