The eye of the……Home Inspector or Inspector Gadget

Ohhhhhhh…… that’s what my mentor in the States meant, when she said to advise my sellers to get a home inspection!
The past two weeks might be considered a scene out of a reality real estate horror film. I mean the really scary ones where everything is going amazingly well and then BAMM! a serial killer jumps out of nowhere and scares the bijeebers out of you! Worked hard, staged the home, awesome photos, multiple showings right away, offer accepted right away, anticipation of a windfall of thousands of dollars but then…….dun, dun, dun, the home inspection. All of sudden you see your windfall of money go screaming down the streets chased into another neighborhood to the next lucky seller-your competition. Pretty scary, right?

homeinspectorWhy go through it? I don’t know about you but I’m not fan of surprises when it comes to thousands of dollars and my future. I want to have all my ducklings in a row! Here are my reasons I think sellers should get a home inspection completed before staging and placing their house on the free trade market.

  1. It justifies the list price. When your abode has a clean bill of health, buyers are less apprehensive, and often start seeing the value in your property…not ways they can get the price lowered. If the price can be justified, list it accordingly, and potentially net more profit by selling your home for top dollar!
  2. Highlights Internal Upgrades. Internal upgrades are not evident to the average buyer. A pre-inspection can highlight any upgrades that lend to the life-span and longevity of the property.
  3. Mitigates Risks. By getting a pre-property inspection you deal with issues that come up or have proof that the home maintenance issues were not evident at the time of sale.
  4. Builds Trust. There are so many things to worry about when buying a home. If you an ease a buyer`s mind, then you gain their trust.

That’s my feedback for today. Have an incredible week and keep “upstaging all the rest“.

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